Archival in the Casket

Archival of the Casket 

This is the collection that transmits the  history  of the  casket of affluence .The objects used in the 19th & 20th centuries ,the entities used by the sisters , the devices used for atonement , church articles ,  sacred vestments ,religious habit ,stone jars ,  tools  for  agriculture  etc are  safeguarded as relics of that era  . A part of the tree  which was planted ,watered and cared  by St Chavara which later was known as  ‘Preeyor Mavu’ ,the wooden  box in which St Chavara used to send letters to the convent , the big stone jar kept up in Sr.Clara’s house etc are some of its attractions These collections are  arranged  in the refectory hall which was built by St.Chavara  The copies of the published   written books  of  by .St Chavara , Rev.Fr.Leopold OCD   St Eupfresia  ,the historical books of CMC , CMC  Directives  ,   Constitution  etc.can be seen in this collections