Convents Of 150Yrs

The   14 roomed  two storied   edifice   was erected  by  St Chavara in the year1868 The rooms of the pioneers in the ground floor are re-erected as it was before .  The  very simple and  ordinary things  of their era   and the sanctity of the  enclosure are  still  here in these rooms . These religious  cubicles   have reserved  for   us a  mystifying  experience  of  reverberation  of many  followers stepping down the same  foot prints of the saintly lives following them   chanting  the   mantras on the Love of God and fellow men .

The  top  story rooms  exhibit  a  direct view  of  the ventures  at the beginning  related  with Koonammavu   Convent , old  photographs , portrayal   of events  etc.