1.  The historic terra firma of the ethnicity of the indigenous women religious
  2. The sacred soil imprinted with the footprints   of the saints
  3. The Convent built by St.Chavara
  4. The vicinity   where St Euphresia lived 9 years as an Aspirant
  5. The terrain of the first home grown congregation  where the pioneers  exercised  themselves  the  formative lessons on the life of union with God .
  • The loam where the history  slumber    
  • The sacred  land where the head held high in glorious radiance  of the long 150 years
  • When the Scroll of the  historic truth    unfurled  , the museum is  a treasure chest that   radiate the light   of sanctity
  • CMC History Art Museum – Koonammavu
  • “ To discern  and experience  the truth ”

A Cheerful Welcome to One And All

  • To the inner pages of the Kerala History of 19th Century  
  • To a   direct  visualization of saintly Lives
  • To the resource  of  CMC Charism
  • To the stream  of Charism imparted through  CMC –This museum  is a door to  visualisation – CMC History &Art Museum  Koonammavu
  • Like a grandma with decorum and dignity , even on this  150th Anniversary , spread out in two stories this CMC  History & art Museum  with  religiosity and inner vision .The two storied  Convent building constructed by St Chavara – the founder remain even today utilizable  like a tower  of light  in  aged majesty   enduring the changes of epochs .

Revelations in  this World of Vision .

  • Entrance Square
  • Reception lobby
  • ‘ Edukamdath ’
  • The first convent of the indigenous Congregation

( 150 years old )


  • The room for spiritual  direction
  • The well made by St Chavara.
  • The room where the first vestition   was held
  • The initial activities of the Koonammavu convent
  • The condensed history of the Latin –Syrian division
  • The superstars  in Sanctity  -  the Saints , Blessed ones , venerable ones  &  servants of God from India
  • Euphresia  Hall
  • The history & growth of CMC
  • CMC Yesterday & Today
  • Assortments that say the History –Collections of old historical  articles
  • The Centre Court yard  ‘ Nadumuttom’  The bamboo   mat hut at the start  of the Convent  and the Glass Mural depiction  of the  first 20 convents  instituted  after  that (6000 Sq.Feet ).