"NADUMUTTAM"- The Center Courtyard

One of the major  attractions  of the CMC Historic Art Museum is this Centre Courtyard .The area of it spreads through 6000 Squares   and it is the biggest glass mural work in India .The middle portion covers the replica of the first bamboo mat convent which recorded the commencing of CMC . As though the golden rays  arising from it are the exact statures of the first 20 convents in glass mural , positioned around  it symbolizing   the growth and spread of  the congregation in  a  nature and  culture merged  with the  back ground of that period .   The glass mural work as such  done only on walls is applied on the  wall and ground  give the effect of a  rain bow making  the history vivid . On the northern area stands the tomb of Sr Anna the youngest of the four pioneers . Just like a pilgrim reaching  near the holy brook , to quieten his / her  mind and  to  attain  the touch of God experience ,  a  tranquil zone  is set up  in the interior of the bamboo mat hut .