St Euphrasia




Mother Euphrasia was born on 17th October 1877 in Kattur village in Edathuruthy which is in the present Irinjalakuda Diocese and was baptized on 25th October 1877 in the Mother of Carmel Church in Edathuruthy and was named Rose (Rosa). The parents of Mother Euphrasia were Eluvathingal Cherpukaran Antony and Kunjethy. Her family was very rich. They owned acres of land and coconut plantations.
Her pious mother taught her to pray the rosary and to participate in the Holy Mass. She had a vision of Mother Mary at the age of nine and she offered her virginity to God eternally. Her father was opposed to her entering the Convent, as he wanted to marry her off. After two years of penance, abstinence, fasting and prayer, Rose got permission to go to the Carmelite Convent in Koonmmavu on 3rd July 1888. In the Convent, she was miraculously healed of her serious sickness by the appearance of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

Mother Euphrasia was immersed in prayer, in contemplation or praying the Rosary most of her life. So people began to call her. "The Praying Mother". She was most devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. When she was Superior of the Convent, she put up the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus on the wall and entrusted the administration of the Convent to Jesus. She had a great longing to be with the Eucharistic Lord and participate in the Holy Mass and adore the Blessed Sacrament.
She desired to reduce the sufferings of the Crucified Lord and console him by her love, penance, and suffering. Mother Euphrasia had a filial relationship with Mother Mary. Her love of God was manifested in loving service to her fellowmen with the gifts of the Holy Spirit through prayer, intercession, healing, prophecy, etc. Any service done for her was acknowledged with a sweet smile and the words, "Won't forget even after death". She never accused or criticized others.
She was sickly and was suffering from many diseases, but she never complained. She had many heavenly visions; also tortures from evil spirits. Her Spiritual Director was Bishop John Menachery of Trichur Diocese, who commanded her to write all about her spiritual life to him. Although Mother Euphrasia requested him continuously to destroy all her letters, without her knowledge the far-sighted discerning Bishop kept the letters and through these we have come to know of her deep union with God.
In 1963, Mar George Alappatt, Bishop of Trichur, printed and published the prayer for her Canonization. In 1970, the first biography was written by Fr. Philip, O.C.D, Kerala Carmala Kusumam in Malayalam. The petitions of those who prayed the Canonization Prayer were granted. She was canonized on November 23, 2014 by Pope Francis.
'My joy is to live a hidden life unknown to all'- Mother Euphrasia.

St. Euphrasia Eluvathingal CMC 

1877 Oct . 17

Birth at Kattoor, Irinjalakkuda

1877 Oct. 25

Baptism at Edathuruthy, Mother Carmel Church by Fr. Mathew Ookken

1889 Dec. 17

Vision of the Holy Family, a Divine intervention at Koonammavu boarding

1897 May 10

Become a Postulant

1898 Jan. 10


1900 May 24

Blessing of St.Marys convent Ollur, Profession of religious vows

1904 April 29

Assistant Superior at Ollur,Thrissur


Officialy elected as Novice Mistress at Ollur,

1913 April 29

Superior at St.Marys convent, Ollur

1950 May 24

Golden Jubilee of Religious Profession

1952 Aug. 29

Death at St.Marys convent, Ollur

1987 Aug. 29

Declared as Servant of God by Pope John Paul II

2002 July 5

Declared as Venerable by Pope John Paul II

2006 Dec. 3

Declared as Blessed by Benedict XVI

2014 Nov.24

Declared as Saint by Pope Francis


Feast of St..Euphrasia